Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a series of international fashion events sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and produced by IMG.

I was so excited when I’ve learned that they’re going to hold their annual fashion event in Sydney, Australia from May 14-21, 2017. You can check other MBFW international fashion events and schedules here.

I attended as a Fashion Blogger and an accredited industry press. The weekday event is by invitation only from the Designers.
For general admission, you can get the weekend tickets which also showcase the whole week of runways and fashion designers – here.

It’s my many firsts! My first time to attend Fashion Week in Australia and I thought i’d do a VLog (Video-Blog) and give it a crack, because WHY NOT?!!!

I’ve wanted to do a VLOG ever since I started blogging but I just don’t know how. LOLs. To be honest, I’ve never done video editing before and it’s also my first time to do a VLog, like video-ing me,myself and I. It’s a one-woman show, you know.

So, good luck people for watching. Haha!

With the help of Google and Youtube, I studied how to edit a video plus a little advice from my friends.
Voila! In just one day, I managed to learn and edit my first ever VLog! Actually, it took me a couple of hours after work. Uploading the video into Youtube took longer than editing, as I didn’t know you have to resize or convert the file into a smaller size before uploading. Sorry, newbie error. Let me know if you have better tips!

So, here it goes! The snippet of my fashion week adventure. Stay tuned to my next blog about my favourite fashion designers during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia and my fashion week budget outfit under $100!

Hope you enjoy my Fashion Week Vlog!

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